ACADIANACASTS is a for profit, locally-based podcast network that focuses it’s content on the Acadiana region via local content creators without the oversight that traditional corporate media faces. We are new media. We are Acadiana.

Below are our Five Pillars

Free Speech

ACADIANACASTS is, at its core, a free speech platform. That is why we are exclusively on the internet. We are 1st Amendment absolutists who believe that the key to progress is not through censorship or stifling of speech, but rather, through more speech. We believe that this freedom creates a meritocracy, in that the best ideas are the ones that will ultimately have the most influence in our community.


ACADIANACASTS aims to create content for the people who live in Acadiana by the people who live in Acadiana. We have one of the most unique cultures in the world, and our content needs to reflect that. Having relevant conversations on topics that people here actually care about is vital. Additionally, these conversations should be held by people who are invested in this community.


ACADIANACASTS will be fully autonomous. There will be no corporate influence on what conversations are being had. The power is truly in the hands of our individual content creators. This will help facilitate a trust between listener and podcaster. If a content creator has a bias or agenda, that is fine with us. The important thing is that it is their  bias or agenda, not that of the company. Listeners can then make an honest assessment of whether or not a podcaster’s respective content is for the listener or not.


ACADIANACASTS is a business. While we want to supply a good for our community, we are not shy about our intentions to make money and grow the company. We learned in 2020 that the world can be shut down by our governments in a heartbeat. We want to create a platform that will allow independent content creators to make money if this happens again. Additionally, it’s not a secret that the economy is in dire straits. Many people are searching for ways to make additional income. We believe podcasting through ACADIANACASTS will give many people in the creative space an outlet to make more money.


ACADIANACASTS will be the first platform of its kind in the Greater Lafayette market. While other podcast/radio networks exist in Louisiana, we are the only one originally created in Acadiana, for Acadiana. We also have created our own state-of-the-art Podcast Studio, built for any audio or video podcasting needs. Our existence begins from innovation, and we will seek to continue to be innovators in the content space for our region. As the medium of podcasts evolves, we want to be on the cutting edge of any technological and practical advancements that are seen by other successful podcasters and/or podcast networks. 


No upfront costs, 1-month pilot program, and reasonable monthly memberships.